Project under construction

Update August 2017

The development of our new cold store in Melbourne, Australia is progressing well. First pallets are expected to go in by September this year.

Main features of the facility:

  • A fully automated 34 meter high cold storage warehouse with 8 double satellite stacker cranes. Footprint is 176 x 100 meter.
  • Total storage capacity of 102,816 Australian CHEP pallets.
  • Storage area and loading docks at -23°C.
  • FEFO handling with a capacity of > 10,000 pallets per day.
  • > 900 pallets shipment buffer zone so minimal waiting time for trucks before loading.
  • 19 docks of which two are allocated for automatic truck unloading.
  • Equipped for contaier loading and unloading
  • Open 24/7