Interview with Justus Koster about his internship at NewCold

Justus Koster

What are you majoring in and why?

I am majoring in international business because I want to pursue an international career upon graduation. Having the ability to spend three semesters abroad was the main reason I decided to enroll in this study program at Avans University of Applied Sciences. Developing a global mindset is crucial in today’s business world, and I feel this can best be developed by partaking in professional environments around the globe.

Where did you intern at and for how long?

I did a business development internship at NewCold in Tacoma WA, due south of Seattle, for 5 months. I absolutely enjoyed every moment of living in the greater Seattle area. The combination of urban living and nature in the State of Washington is amazing. Where else can you skiing, swimming or visit national parks all within a 1.5-hour drive from a major city?

What did you learn throughout your internship?

My main assignment was to organize the NewCold Tacoma Grand Opening with a team of NewCold and Trident Seafoods, which has been a great learning experience.

I improved upon many skills by interning at NewCold, including business communication, Excel, planning & organizing, and of course business development.

However, I feel that the most significant aspect of this internship is learning how to behave within a professional international organization, which allowed me to cultivate my global mindset. I will be able to apply all gained experience and skills throughout my future professional career.  

How did you experience working for NewCold?  

NewCold has been very welcoming. It is therefore a pleasure to be a part of this innovative company. The NewCold Tacoma project is a true game changer for the frozen food industry in the USA, and I wish the Tacoma team the best of luck in their future endeavors.

I want to thank my company mentor, Jonas Swarttouw, for welcoming me with trust, and treating me as a member of the NewCold team since the day I started. This truly enabled me to make the most out of this internship.

Finally, I am grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded by NewCold in the USA, and I look forward to continuing business development support at NewCold headquarters over the summer!



NewCold at Energy Management Congress | 21-22 June 2018




Together with Philip McNamara, Engineering Manager of Energy 350, NewCold's Geert-Jan Laudy will present a conference session titled 'Energy Efficiency In Cold Storage Design & Implementation' at the Energy Management Congress in Seattle, WA, on the 21st of June next. If you are interested, you can register here:

Nice movie of a pallet moving through the high bay at NewCold Tacoma

Looking back on a great Grand Opening Event in Tacoma USA

On the 24th of May we had the pleasure to invite our relations to the Grand Opening of our first cold storage on US ground in Tacoma, WA. We are very grateful for the speeches held by Joe Bundrant, Trident Seafoods' CEO,  our key customer in Tacoma, by Anders Ibsen, Deputy Mayor of the City of Tacoma, by Gerbert Kunst, Dutch Consul General San Francisco and Derek Sandison, Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

NewCold's Vice Chairman David Richardson and CEO Bram Hage took the opportunity to thank all relations involved in the creation of this state of the art cold storage. The ceremony was hosted by Jonas Swarttouw, US Country Manager.

After the opening ceremony, Trident offered our guests a great lunch from their Fork & Fin Food Truck, managed by Lo Reichert  Thanks! Our guests had the opportunity to have a peek inside our facility among which the engine rooms of oxigen reduction and the temperature control, the dispatch floor and our offices.  Finally, we want to thank our valuable suppliers: Fisher Construction Group, SubZero Contractors, Wagner Group, Dambach Lagersysteme, TGW Logistics Group, F.A.I.S., SSI Schäfer and the supplier of our cloud wms solution CORAX, Davanti Warehousing (

 Cold storage NewCold Tacoma

 Cold storage NewCold Tacoma

Joe Bundrant, Trident's CEO

David Richardson, Vice Chairman NewCold

David Richardson and Bram Hage, handing over a present to Joe Bundrant

Opening NewCold Tacoma USA on 24 May 2018

We are looking forward to the grand opening of NewCold's first fully mechanized facility on US ground in Tacoma WA, due south of Seattle. The innovative cold storage, with approximately 100,000 pallet locations, will be the new Northwest distribution home of Trident Seafoods, a vertically integrated harvester, processor and marketer of seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Together with our guests we are going to make a great day of it!

Scoops in Australia for NewCold

NewCold is proud to present the integrated process of Automatic Truck (Un)Loading and Double Pallet Destacking in NewCold's coldstores in Melbourne, Australia.

NewCold has built 2 warehouses near Melbourne; the first is a freezer warehouse with a capacity of 100,000 pallets. Well known global and local food producers such as McCain and Peters Ice Cream are our valued customers here.

In the second warehouse, a chiller warehouse with a capacity of 110,000 pallets, we service our valued customer Fonterra.

Unique characteristics of the freezer site are the Automatic Truck Loading/Unloading (ATL/ATU) and the fully automated Double Pallet Destacking. ATL/ATU is an automated process which guarantees less damage to the products, full track and traceability from production to the point of outbound from the warehouse and a huge efficiency gain: ATL/ATU takes 4 to 5 minutes in contrast to 30-60 minutes (un)loading with forklifts. There is no human intervention which reduces the chance of damage.

This entire process is a scoop for NewCold in Australia.

We thank all our partners in achieving this great result: Ancra, FAIS, GLA, Hansen Yuncken and TGW.

Global Cold Chain Alliance

Last week our colleagues Piet Meijs and Jonas Swarttouw attended the 127th Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) convention in Florida. They enjoyed to catch up with many acquaintances from the business and attended many interesting lectures. 

On the picture, you can find the President of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, Corey Rosenbusch, in the middle, on the left Jonas, on the right Piet.

Peter Wilson, UK Ambassador for the Netherlands, visits headoffices Breda

Peter Wilson visits headoffices NewCold in Breda, the Netherlands

Last week the UK Ambassador for the Netherlands, Peter Wilson, visited our headoffices in Breda. This was a result of winning the DIT Investment Award 2017 by the UK NewCold organization, managed by Jon Miles. We were very honored with the visit.
From right to left: Peter Wilson, UK Ambassador for the Netherlands, Bram Hage, CEO and Founder of NewCold, Roger Vrencken, VP Strategy and Organization Newcold, Simon Banham, Deputy Country Director from UK Department for Industry and Trade and Jon Miles, Country Manager NewCold UK.

Watch NewCold's Melbourne Chiller Facility for Fonterra being built in 2 minutes!

Time lapse video construction chilled warehouse Truganina Victoria Melbourne Australia

In this great time lapse movie you can see the construction of the 35 meter high facility in Truganina, Victoria near Melbourne Australia, which will handle chilled and ambient product for dairy company Fonterra Australia. Fonterra is consolidating its distribution network and six warehouses into this one facility. 
These premises have been built in the period from August 2016 till January 2018.  This great movie has been made by the main contractor Hansen Yuncken for which we are very grateful.

Nice to know:

  • The total site has 110,000 pallet locations, operated in temperatures varying from +2⁰C to 18⁰C;
  • Maximal throughput capacity is about 5,000 pallets in, 5,000 pallets out per day;
  • Next to the warehouse there is an adjacent container yard, with a capacity of 700 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent)
You can find the video here

NewCold looks for additional premises as Brexit heralds’ storage opportunities for the UK

Jon Miles

Jon Miles, Country Director NewCold UK

NewCold UK is looking at possibilities for a new site to accommodate increased UK market activity and in anticipation of the demand expected to be triggered by the ‘Brexit effect’ in European Supply Chains.

According to NewCold Country Director Jon Miles, the movement of goods from central European hubs into the UK will become more complex, based on the likelihood that we will leave the Customs Union and the impact that will have on Supply Chains.

“Currently, it is possible for a food producer to store product in a warehouse close to the coast in Belgium or France and deliver directly into UK Distribution Centres within acceptable lead times. However, a recent study by Imperial College London has indicated that even an additional 2-minute stop at customs checkpoints could lead to the final 40 miles of the journey to the Channel Tunnel taking 5 hours. The time and risk associated with these increased journey times will mean that the most obvious solution is to store the products closer to the market in the UK.”

NewCold has already bolstered its UK deep-frozen storage and handling capability with the addition of 600,000 cubic metres of fully automated deep-frozen capacity to its Wakefield site and expects to be fully operational by April 2018. 

“Frozen food handling in the UK is already in peak demand,” adds Jon “and we have developed the Wakefield facility in line with the projected long-term requirements of our key customers, and positive market outlook. Kantar World panel reported volume up by 2% in 2018, and this annual growth is expected to continue for at least the next 5 years.  Phase two of the Wakefield site expansion lifts our capacity to 143,000 pallets but even so, we expect to be 70% full by June 2018. Add this to the increase in storage demand which is likely to be caused by Brexit and it is clear to see why we need to make provision for an additional UK facility.”

NewCold’s vehicle fleet, which includes auto-loading double-deck trailers, has also been recently increased to 50 tractor units and 75 temperature-controlled trailers.

NewCold on track as UK's biggest deepfreeze nears completion

NewCold has nearly completed the second phase of construction at öur Wakefield deep frozen storage and distribution centre which is set to become the largest of its kind in the UK.

Due for full operation by June 2018, the facility will handle 3,000,000 pallets annually and with a total volume of over 1 million cubic metres and pallet storage capacity of 143,000 at minus 23 degrees, it boasts some of the most advanced automated technology anywhere in the world.

The storage plant is fully automated to ensure cold chain integrity, and minimal handling helps to eliminate temperature fluctuations. For example, when the doors of a trailer open they do so into the frozen environment so that there is no risk of the product being exposed to ambient air. Furthermore, the dispatch bay is deep-frozen, whereby many conventional stores have only chilled bays.

Pallets are off-loaded from NewCold’s bespoke-designed double deck trailers using moving floors which connect to a conveyer system. From there, shuttle cars and buffer lanes handle 175 pallets in and out every hour and just five minutes is required to unload a trailer. The automation used maximises product integrity and eliminates human error on picking orders.

Given the location of the Wakefield site and proximity to the motorway network, 90% of NewCold’s delivery points can be reached and returned from within a driver’s shift - which further improves efficiency and customer service. 

“Automation is all about investment” says our Country Director UK Jon Miles, “and Wakefield is consistent with our business model in all the countries we operate throughout the world: We design and install our own handling systems to ensure maximum efficiency and total control over every aspect of the operation.

Since we opened here in 2015, the business has grown significantly and successfully and that has enabled us to re-invest back into the expansion plan.”

Although the Wakefield site relies on fewer personnel than conventional storage facilities, the business employs 130 people and expects to recruit a further 100 over the next two years, which, says Jon Miles is positive news for the area.

“We have a number of major contracts on the horizon” adds Jon, “and already we are projecting to be over 70% full by June 2018. Our logistics operation is also expanding in line with the core operation and we now operate 50 tractor units and 75 temperature-controlled trailers - many of which are high-volume double-deckers with auto-loading.”

NewCold has a strong capital partner in the form of US private equity firm, Westport Capital Partners, which means the company can continue to finance new projects in the UK and around the globe.

“Our growth plan for the UK is far from complete” concludes Jon Miles. “With demand at its highest ever in the UK deep-frozen storage sector, coupled with the probability of additional business stemming from Brexit, we are looking at additional UK facilities to strengthen our leading position as a ‘one-touch’ provider of end-to-end frozen logistics and supply chain solutions.”

Expert session by Piet Meijs at Annual WMS Event

We look back on a successful WMS Event in Den Bosch on March 21, 2018. Piet Meijs, VP Business Development of NewCold, presented an interesting expert case on the use of cloud-based WMS CORAX in NewCold's fully mechanized cold stores. René van den Elsen was the moderator of the presentation for which we thank him.

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