• Argentan, France
  • Rheine, Germany
  • Wakefield, UK
  • Kutno, Poland
  • Tacoma, USA
  • Melbourne I, Australia
  • Melbourne II, Australia

Our Sites

NewCold is building a European network of large scale cold stores to serve top frozen food producing companies over the country borders.  Next to the existing ‘state of the art’ cold stores in ArgentanRheine and Wakefield, the Kutno site will  be the fourth hub in the network starting Q4 in 2015. New developments in Europe are in the pipeline to further extent the network in 2016 and further.

It is our ambition to develop 1 or 2 new sites per year and our plans include expansions in several European areas.

  • North West of France (Rennes)
  • Italy (near Rome)
  • UK (North of London)
  • Belgium (West Flanders)

On a global scale NewCold sees large opportunities in USA and Australia and two projects are under construction in Melbourne, Australia and one in Tacoma, USA.

NewCold Transport specializes in frozen supply chain management. This latest member of NewCold is a valuable addition to NewCold’s warehousing services. A team of experienced professionals is building a European network with a fleet of their own and in partnership with companies that have a specific local network or expertise.

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