NewCold is proud to present the integrated process of Automatic Truck (Un)Loading and Double Pallet Destacking in NewCold’s coldstores in Melbourne, Australia.

NewCold has built 2 warehouses near Melbourne; the first is a freezer warehouse with a capacity of 100,000 pallets. Well known global and local food producers such as McCain and Peters Ice Cream are our valued customers here.

In the second warehouse, a chiller warehouse with a capacity of 110,000 pallets, we service our valued customer Fonterra.

Unique characteristics of the freezer site are the Automatic Truck Loading/Unloading (ATL/ATU) and the fully automated Double Pallet Destacking. ATL/ATU is an automated process which guarantees less damage to the products, full track and traceability from production to the point of outbound from the warehouse and a huge efficiency gain: ATL/ATU takes 4 to 5 minutes in contrast to 30-60 minutes (un)loading with forklifts. There is no human intervention which reduces the chance of damage.

This entire process is a scoop for NewCold in Australia.

We thank all our partners in achieving this great result: AncraFAISGLAHansen Yuncken and TGW.