On the 24th of May we had the pleasure to invite our relations to the Grand Opening of our first cold storage on US ground in Tacoma, WA. We are very grateful for the speeches held by Joe Bundrant, Trident Seafoods’ CEO,  our key customer in Tacoma, by Anders Ibsen, Deputy Mayor of the City of Tacoma, by Gerbert Kunst, Dutch Consul General San Francisco and Derek Sandison, Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

NewCold’s Vice Chairman David Richardson and CEO Bram Hage took the opportunity to thank all relations involved in the creation of this state of the art cold storage. The ceremony was hosted by Jonas Swarttouw, US Country Manager.

After the opening ceremony, Trident offered our guests a great lunch from their Fork & Fin Food Truck, managed by Lo Reichert  Thanks! Our guests had the opportunity to have a peek inside our facility among which the engine rooms of oxigen reduction and the temperature control, the dispatch floor and our offices.  Finally, we want to thank our valuable suppliers: Fisher Construction Group, SubZero Contractors, Wagner Group, Dambach Lagersysteme, TGW Logistics Group, F.A.I.S., SSI Schäfer and the supplier of our cloud wms solution CORAX, Davanti Warehousing (www.coraxwms.com).