Meet our Finance Intern Ties Giele

What are you majoring in and why? 
I am majoring in Business Economics at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. I will start my senior year in September, 2018. Prior to studying Business Economics, I completed the freshman year of Mechanical Engineering, in which I also did an internship. I realized that I was more interested in finance than engineering. Therefore, I started looking for a major that suited me better, which turned out to be Business Economics.

Where did you intern at and for how long?
I did a finance internship at NewCold headquarters in Breda during my junior year of Business Economics. The internship lasted for 6 months and ran from September 2017 to January 2018.

What did you learn throughout your internship? 
I learned a lot during my internship at NewCold. I improved upon my Excel skills and learned how to work with an ERP system. I also got acquainted with business processes and visited a NewCold site in Wakefield, UK.

Furthermore, I assisted several colleagues within the finance department, which enabled me to experience different aspects of finance within NewCold. This is one of the reasons why my internship turned out great!

How did you experience working for NewCold?  
I was the first to intern at NewCold in Breda, so I needed to find some direction in the beginning. However, after a few weeks everyone at NewCold got to know me better and I received more complex assignments, which made this internship very challenging.

Overall, working for NewCold was a wonderful experience. I got to know a lot of people within the company and improved upon many skills. I am currently about to start my senior year of Business Economics, and I am excited to work in the finance department of NewCold headquarters for at least another six months!