Abhy Maharaj at the Global Cold Chain Summit 2020 Conference | Shanghai

On August 6th, the 12th edition of the Global Cold Chain Summit (GCCS) 2020 conference took place in Shanghai, China. GCCS aims to bring together executives and professionals from across the value chain to share insights, showcase cutting-edge technology and network.

NewCold CCO & COO, Abhy Maharaj, was invited to give a virtual presentation about NewCold’s customer partnership and focus on innovation in the cold chain. The event was attended by over 1,000 influential cold chain participants in China.

We invite you to watch the video in which Abhy Maharaj explains NewCold’s drive and vision.

The summit has been well visited and the GCCS looks back on a very successful event. NewCold is glad to have had the opportunity to present itself to this interesting audience. The full programme of the event can be found here:

GCCS plenary sessions