NewCold No. 4 in the IARW Global Top 25 List

Every year, the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) publishes the IARW Global Top 25 List of the largest refrigerated warehousing and logistics providers in the world.

The list is determined by total capacity of temperature-controlled space operated by IARW Warehouse Members. List as of June 17, 2021 (a new list will be released in March 2022).

NewCold has risen to number 4 after its 5th place in 2020. It’s not our ambition to become number 1. It’s our ambition to be the world’s most customer centric, advanced and fully integrated automation & logistics company.

What does the IARW do?

IARW is the third-party temperature-controlled warehousing industry’s association.

The IARW will build, strengthen and represent the global temperature-controlled third party warehousing and logistics industry. It’s their mission to promote excellence in the global temperature-controlled warehouse and logistics industry.

IARW was founded in 1891 when a number of conventional warehousemen took on the demands of storing perishable food and soon realized the increased challenge and complexity of operating temperature controlled storage facilities.

Today, IARW promotes best practices in temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics industry through research, industry benchmarking, networking, and education. IARW also advocates for members in legislative and regulatory arenas. All active members of IARW are also members and beneficiaries of the work of the World Food Logistics Organization.