Automated cold storage

NewCold offers new solutions for the ever-changing supply chain. State of the art automated cold storage solutions enable us to deal with evolving challenges including food safety, quality control, price pressures, increased costs of transportation, labor and energy, smaller and more frequent orders, e-commerce and more. In the supply chain we are constantly looking for solutions to deal with consolidations and relocations, labor shortages and increasing demands for sustainability.

Automated cold storage – The Way Forward

It is NewCold’s firm believe that automated cold storage is the only way forward to deal with the challenges of a modern supply chain. Although automation is not a goal by itself, many, mainly repetitive processes, are automated to minimize the human intervention. This eliminates an important source of product damage, results in a more reliable and predictable operation and also ensures a sustainable cost over time.

Warehouse Management Systems

The warehouse management software (WMS) used by NewCold in its automated facilities is a proprietary product that is developed by daughter company Davanti Warehousing, which has proven highly successful in NewCold’s eight facilities operating around the world.

Davanti is a WMS supplier which delivers its own state-of-the-art product. Davanti has built an innovative cloud-based warehouse management system CORAX, that’s a real SaaS product (Software as a Service) built on the latest Microsoft technologies. It enables NewCold to control the software design to meet our specifications and fulfill all requirements of our customers. Want to know more? Read all about the subscriptions of CORAX SaaS wms here: Subscriptions CORAX or read the case story of NewCold Tacoma.

The warehouse control software (WCS) controls automated movements of products by the material handling equipment. NewCold’s WCS is also a proprietary product; we want the best there is in the market. Our solution is a high end graphic product which controls all movements in the operation and gives us a real time accurate insight in the systems performance.

Get to know CORAX at a glance

CORAX Saas WMS by Davanti

“NewCold is a fast growing global specialist in deep-frozen warehousing and distribution, whose world-class systems, energy efficiency and productivity make it stand out from other conventional cold storage companies.”

Material Handling Systems

From the moment a pallet enters the warehouse it is put onto a conveyor system to find its way in the warehouse. Often the automation starts already at the customer’s production facility where conveyor systems are put in place to automatically stage pallets for loading onto an automated trailer. Full truck loads are then shuttled to NewCold’s facility and there unloaded automatically again.

Storage and retrieval of pallets in the warehouse is done by automatic stacker cranes ensuring an optimal and safe operation.

Rather unique in the industry, NewCold uses live roller buffer systems to stage full truckloads of pallets, in front of the loading docks. As the loading area is at the same optimum temperature, the pallets can be put ready well in advance of the moment the truck or rail car is due to collect. This enables a faster loading process and reduces the turnaround time of trucks on site.

Get to know MFCS

Material Flow and Control System

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