Automatic Truck (Un)Loading to play key role at new Corby facility

NewCold is installing an Automated Truck (Un)Loading  (ATU/ATL) system for double-deck trailers at its Corby site scheduled to open in autumn.

The system was originally designed in 2017 for its first Wakefield deepfreeze storage facility. The ATU/ATL bridges the gap between the deep-frozen production or storage environment and NewCold’s 44-pallet double-deck trailers.

Accordingly, as soon as the product leaves the production line at minus 22 degrees, it is automatically loaded through a sliding door at the back of the 60-pallet-capacity pod, which itself is pre-cooled to the same temperature. From here the pallets are automatically transferred into the double-deck trailer, docked to the front of the pod.

NewCold POD



Meanwhile, three electric-powered refrigeration systems hold the temperature at a constant minus 25 degrees.

With loading completed in five minutes, every deep-frozen package or pallet remains at a constant set temperature of minus 22 to minus 25 degrees. At no time during its journey from the production line to completed loading in the trailer does any pallet need to be exposed to an ambient environment or touched by an operative.

The same process is reversed when the load reaches the NewCold warehouse where automatic unloading capability unloads the trailer, again in approximately five minutes, directly into a frozen storage facility.

NewCold Principal Sponsor of the Dutch 2022 Winter Olympic Bobsleigh & Skeleton Team

NewCold Signs Agreement as Principal Sponsor of the Dutch 2022 Winter Olympic Bobsleigh & Skeleton Team

 New partnership significantly boosts support and confidence helping athletes give it their best

Pioneering Netherlands-based cold chain logistics company, NewCold, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with the Bob en Sleebond Nederland (BSBN) to sponsor the Dutch bobsleigh and skeleton team as it prepares for the 2022 Winter Olympics to be hosted in Beijing, China. The agreement also includes an option to extend the sponsorship for the following four years in the run-up to the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan, Italy.

On the left Piet Meijs, VP Business Development NewCold, and Wim Noorman, President of the BSBN | Picture: BSBN

Bram Hage, Founder and Executive Officer of NewCold said: “This partnership supports a new era of collaboration for NewCold and a national sport that we are all extremely proud of.  The bobsleigh and skeleton team has a big dream. We have always supported talent in the pursuit of excellence, the possibility of opportunity, and the spirit of competition and pushing new boundaries. We also feel most at home in a cold environment.”

“We’re honoured to be working with the BSBN and we look forward to this being the start of a long and successful relationship and we can’t help but be excited for what the future holds.”

Wim Noorman, Chairman of the Bob en Sleebond Nederland said: “NewCold offers us the opportunity to further professionalize our sport. It gives the union more financial scope and therefore we can invest more in training and talent development.  In addition, Team KPN has extended the agreement with our athletes. Sybren Jansma, who participated in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, will join the board with a focus on talent development.

Two-men Bobsleigh Team Ivo de Bruin and Janko Franjic | Picture: ISBF

Ivo de Bruin, helmsman of the Dutch bobsleigh team, is delighted with the NewCold collaboration: “This is wonderful in the run-up to the Games. It offers us, among other things, the opportunity to go to China for a month at the start of the new season, to descend on the Olympic track in training sessions and a World Cup. In addition, we can bring our own sleds. This comes with a hefty price tag, but we can now handle that thanks to NewCold. Moreover, we will be able to train much more in Germany, Canada or Latvia next summer. As a team we can now realize a few hundred extra “nudges”, which is important for streamlining and efficiency. ”

NewCold will use its voice as a sponsor to applaud the journey these athletes take on the road to their Olympic dreams and the many dedicated people who have supported them along the way.

Skeleton Kimberley Bos | Picture: ISBF

Successful Job Dating Event at NewCold Rennes

On December 8th NewCold France organized a job dating event in Montauban de Bretagne, the community near Rennes where NewCold’s 9th coldstore is being built. The new site is looking for planners, fork lift drivers, team leaders and maintenace technicians.

We prepared the job event in collaboration with the municipality of villages of St Méen Montauban de Bretagne. Our internal organization prepared the event by making a website page, an online registration form, brochures, roll up banners etc.

We had over 70 registrations and invited 28 people for an interview at the local community meeting space in Montauban de Bretagne. Due to the Covid regulations we held on to a tight planning which avoided a full waiting area.

​​​​​​​We look back on a very successful event and hope to meet our needs for employees in this way. If not, we will reorganize the event in January.

NewCold recrute à Montauban de Bretagne

NewCold starts recruting for its new warehouse in Montauban de Bretagne near Rennes. We are looking for talented, new colleagues.

We have the following job openings:

  • Forklift drivers / Handlers
  • Planning Agent / Planners
  • Team leader
  • Maintenance Technicians

All information can be found via the recruitment page.

Have a look and join the NewCold family!


NewCold Continues to Transform the Cold Store Industry with New Facility and Expands Partnership with Conagra Brands

State-of-the-art facility brings significant investment to Lebanon, Indianapolis


Chicago, Illinois—Friday, November 13, 2020—Pioneering Netherlands-based cold chain logistics company, NewCold, is pleased to announce that it is investing in a new, state-of-the art facility and expanding its existing customer partnership with Conagra Brands, one of North America’s leading branded food companies.

NewCold   will build and operate an advanced, large-scale automated cold store facility which will be the biggest in Indiana and one of the largest in the United States. It is approximately half the size of the mammoth Lucas Oil stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts. At 141 feet high (43 meters), the facility holds over 100,000 pallet positions.

Lebanon, Ind., facility will be NewCold’s third facility in the U.S., including an existing presence in Tacoma, Wash., and Burley, Idaho. Scheduled to be operational in 2022, the US$150 million facility is expected to create 150-200 new jobs.

Bram Hage, Founder and CEO of NewCold said: “It is very pleasing to see our continued growth in North America as we seek to build a long-term strategic relationship with Conagra, built on mutual trust. Our robust global pipeline includes the delivery of at least six new capital projects, as we continue to develop multiple large-scale automated facilities across Europe, Australia and North America. This momentum confirms a very positive future for customers and an innovation boost for the industry.”

Craig Weiss, Sr. Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Transformation Officer for Conagra Brands said: “At Conagra Brands, we’re modernizing our distribution network infrastructure as part of our overall supply chain strategy. We’re partnering with NewCold to develop a new, state-of-the-art distribution center that will support our growing frozen business so we can better meet the needs of our customers and consumers.”

Jonas Swarttouw, VP, Customer & Business Development for NewCold in North America, said: “Collaborating with respected partners like Conagra drives our success, as we share an ambition to transform the industry and reimagine the global food supply chain.  As we continue to expand our North American presence, we support local communities in efforts to foster economic growth and create high-quality employment opportunities. The NewCold team at our Chicago Regional HQ will be leading the development, implementation and start-up of the operation, in close cooperation with our partners and stakeholders.”

The Indianapolis cold storage facility will use state-of-the-art technology including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to automatically move and store products in the ‘dark’ high-bay warehouse. To serve the high volume of case picking, an advanced automated case picking solution for detailed order fulfilment activities is part of the investment. The equipment and operators will be directed by NewCold’s proprietary advanced software systems, while products are kept in optimal conditions with all cold store areas cooled down to sub-zero temperatures. This advanced cold chain solution ensures that processes are sustainable, traceable, fully integrated with the processes of NewCold’s customers, and always at the very forefront of technological developments.

NewCold expects to begin site mobilization and construction activities in the coming weeks.


Update of the New Rennes Facility

Please find below an update of the construction of our coldstorage near Rennes, France.

Despite the constraints imposed by Covid 19 measures, the construction is in progress. The cold storage at this location consists of 3 building parts because of the French legislation for fire safety.

We look forward to the finalization of this project and to be able to service our valued customers at this site.

This site near Rennes will be the second coldstorage on French soil for NewCold. Our other site is situated in Argentan. Like to know more? You can find more details here: NewCold Argentan.

NewCold ‘on course’ with new cold storage facility

Preparations for NewCold’s second UK deep freeze storage facility are fully on course, says the company. Following the build commencement next month, the operation is expected to go live just one year later.

Based in Corby, the facility sits on a 23-acre plot which, says Country Director Jon Miles, is a prime location in the logistics ‘golden triangle’, with proximity to frozen distribution centres of large retail and food service customers and perfectly located to help customers reduce food miles and cut costs.

Jon Miles

Jon Miles, Country Manager UK

“Everything is going to plan for the new site” he explains, “and given the high demands being placed on our Wakefield facility, even with its colossal 4 million-pallet annual turnover, our target date for opening in the fourth quarter of 2021, hardly seems soon enough!”

Even though the Wakefield hub has a giant storage capacity of 143,000 pallets and is only just over 5 years old, NewCold were already making plans early in 2019 to establish  an additional site further south in the UK.

“We needed  to enhance our national service, particularly  for customers wishing to benefit from a closer facility than the Wakefield site. To this end,  Corby  is ideally situated to support UK frozen food manufacturers and importers looking to enhance their supply chain value.”

Jon further explains that in keeping with NewCold’s focus on sustainability and as demonstrated at their uniquely designed   Wakefield site, the new facility will use around 50% less energy than a conventional cold storage operation.

“This, coupled with our ability to reduce food miles by using high-volume trailers,” adds Jon, “will greatly reduce CO2 emissions and energy use.”

With headquarters in the Netherlands, NewCold is regarded as a leader in developing and operating highly automated cold stores and energy efficient handling systems. At present, the company has around 750 employees worldwide and operates eight locations on three continents.

NewCold Establishes US Headquarters in Chicago

NewCold is excited to announce that we are establishing the US Headquarters in downtown Chicago.

The team working out of the US Headquarters will be focused on supporting the growth of NewCold in North America.

We are proud of this huge milestone, and we will continue to provide leading food companies with the most compelling logistic cold chain experience possible.

We thank the SunTimes and World Business Chicago for their warm, welcoming words in the SunTimes, WSJ and Tribune!

Interview Bram Hage on Zealand TV

Our CEO Bram Hage has been interviewed by Bert van Leerdam for Zealand TV in the program BERT! en Zeeland. As Bram is a real Zealander from birth he was happy to join this informative TV program. He talks about the company culture of NewCold and the importance of having values to thrive the same culture in a global company. Next to this he talks about his coaching activities of his daughter’s hockey team which he enjoys.

The interview starts at  28:40 minutes. Enjoy!

Bram Hage at Zealand TV

Abhy Maharaj at the Global Cold Chain Summit 2020 Conference | Shanghai

On August 6th, the 12th edition of the Global Cold Chain Summit (GCCS) 2020 conference took place in Shanghai, China. GCCS aims to bring together executives and professionals from across the value chain to share insights, showcase cutting-edge technology and network.

NewCold CCO & COO, Abhy Maharaj, was invited to give a virtual presentation about NewCold’s customer partnership and focus on innovation in the cold chain. The event was attended by over 1,000 influential cold chain participants in China.

We invite you to watch the video in which Abhy Maharaj explains NewCold’s drive and vision.

The summit has been well visited and the GCCS looks back on a very successful event. NewCold is glad to have had the opportunity to present itself to this interesting audience. The full programme of the event can be found here:

GCCS plenary sessions