NewCold grows again as demand for cold storage outstrips supply

In response to continued demand from the food manufacturing sector the automated cold storage specialist, NewCold, is starting the construction of a new deepfreeze facility in Corby UK this October and expects to see the first pallets arriving only one year later.

Based on the energy-saving  sustainable formula which underpins the success of the group’s existing sites worldwide, the Corby facility sits on a 23-acre plot which, says Country Director Jon Miles, is a prime location in the logistics ‘golden triangle’, with proximity to frozen distribution centres of large retail and food service customers and will enable NewCold to help their customers reduce food miles and cut costs.

“Since opening our first UK site in Wakefield 5 years ago, we have seen an increase in demand for our warehouse and transport services of over 150%” he explains, “and although the Wakefield plant is the largest of its kind in the country, handling 4,000,000 pallets annually and storing 143,000 at any given time, demand has outstripped supply.”

Therefore, the decision came easily for the company to establish another facility further south in the UK, which would enhance NewCold’s offer to customers for whom Wakefield may not have added value, geographically. Now, says Jon, the Corby site is ideally located to support UK frozen food manufacturers and importers looking to create supply chain value.

“Furthermore,” he says “with a focus on sustainability at both the Wakefield and Corby sites, our unique cold store design – which uses around 50% less energy than conventional stores – coupled with our ability to reduce food miles by using high-volume trailers, will greatly reduce CO2 emissions and energy use.”

The Corby operation will enable NewCold to offer their services to customers for whom Wakefield may not have been geographically well-situated or who had run out of space.

NewCold are already speaking to high volume potential customers, to add to an impressive list of Wakefield customers, including McCain, Aunt Bessie, Birds Eye, Froneri, Finsbury, and Grupo Bimbo –  all of whom  benefit from NewCold’s sustainable transport, storage and WMS solutions, including automatic handling equipment to reduce loading times, while retaining product integrity.

“The decision to build a second facility” adds Jon Miles, “has been driven by an increasing wide-scale demand for storage and handling, while the number of deep-frozen storage facilities has reduced. This has seen cold stores at capacity during certain times over the last 2 years and the trend appears to be continuing, so we feel this is the right time to invest.”

With headquarters in the Netherlands, NewCold is regarded as a leader in developing and operating highly automated cold stores and energy efficient handling systems. At present, the company has around 800 employees worldwide and operates eight locations on three continents.

Construction NewCold Coldstorage

Update of Construction Coldstorage near Rennes, France

Please find below an update of the construction of our coldstorage near Rennes, France. Because of the COVID-19 crisis we had some delay in the construction of our new site which is situated in Montauban-de-Bretagne, near Rennes. However, all our suppliers have been very cooperative and had a problem solving attitude. That’s why the construction is back on track again and we are very delighted to show you some pictures of the progress. In great collaboration with our general contractor B-Built and its subcontractors we do our utmost to finalize the project within all goals set.

This site in Montauban will be second coldstorage on French soil for NewCold. Our other site is situated in Argentan. Like to know more? You can find more details here: NewCold Argentan.

Video Update Construction New Coldstorage during COVID-19 Times

Watch what our general contractor B-Built and our own team do to keep the construction site near Rennes, France, a safe and healthy place. Our compliments and thanks to all team members onsite of B-Built , and Pigeon TP.

A blog post of Jon Miles, Country Manager UK, on the COVID 19 situation

Jon Miles

Jon Miles, Country Manager UK

Challenging times for the food sector

After the supply chain disruption and adjustment of previous weeks, things seem to have stabilised into the current normal at NewCold. With a customer base supplying Retailers, and the Food Service and Quick Serve outlets recent weeks have seen major upheaval in everything related to food storage and distribution. The announcement to reduce use, and then close “hospitality” outlets serving food saw a major impact on sales through non retail channels and the cancellation of multiple orders. On the converse side panic buying, and more people eating at home saw a spike in retail consumption which I read has seen 5 weeks with bigger sales than Christmas, but with no pre-planning or stock build…. Challenging to say the least.

Proud of our team

Throughout these times though there is one thing that has been consistent, and that is the dedication and effort of the people involved in logistics in the Cold Chain. Often taken for granted and not even thought about most of the time, by the general public, there are tens of thousands of people up and down the country working every day to keep the retail freezers stocked so that we can all pick up what we need, when we need it.

As usual I couldn’t be prouder of the NewCold team who have stepped up to the mark again and been almost faultless to ensure that our customers get their products delivered on time and in full, for the best chance of maximum availability on shelf.

Learning curve

There are some signs that the measures taken to force people to social distance, are having a positive impact and fingers crossed we can start to think of a move back to the old ‘normal’, although I have a feeling that some things may never be quite the same again. I really hope that from this point on we will always appreciate the key workers, and cough and sneeze into tissues/hankies, and wash our hands more often, and look out for our neighbours, and those that are vulnerable in our society.

A final big thanks to the NewCold team, and to all of the key workers trying to keep the country, fed, watered, fit and healthy in these unusual times.

Automated systems allow us to continually support the food supply chain

In today’s world complicated by the COVID-19 virus, the need for safe food storage remains. Shifts in stock and perhaps even surpluses are occurring, for example due to the closure of restaurants and the increase in demand in supermarkets. NewCold can support your business in these new circumstances.

High level of automation guarantees continuity

Our core goal is to provide a safe food coldchain, which is possible during these difficult times because of our high level of automation. Our coldstores continue working 24/7 without any problems. Since we are not dependent on a high number of employees in the storage itself, our operation is stable. Automation in your supply chain and limiting the touches to your product add peace of mind for you and your customers.

Open for Business

We still have some capacity left in a number of cold stores and we are happy to offer these to the needs in the market. Do you need, perhaps temporarily, frozen storage? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will immediately check whether a suitable solution can be found for you.

We are happy to help all parties in the food chain to supply your customers.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Contact us via this form and we will reach out to you at short notice.

NewCold Automated Cold Storage

Update: the construction of the NewCold coldstorage near Rennes, France

After a very wet winter in Montauban de Bretagne, France, the construction activities are progressing well. All piling activities are finished and we are working on the foundation beams. The first steel deliveries for the highbay arrived on site and are stored on the highbay areas.

Next week we head towards the clouds; every time a great moment in the building process. At the moment our general contractor, B-Built, and their subcontractors are working very hard. In the very near future our other partners SSI Schaefer, TGW, Mias, Ceratec, Engie and Eiffage will start on site.

NewCold Rennes






NewCold Rheine Automates Labelling Process

NewCold likes automation; not just for the sake of it. With automation processes we can guarantee a higher level of food safety; that’s our main goal.

In our coldstorage in Rheine we just implemented two Automatic Label Applicators (ALA) with great success. The challenge was to find a suitable printer which can operate in a frozen environment, has a small footprint and is low in maintenance. We also wanted to be able to exchange the labels quickly so we can minimize downtime. We found the suitable one at Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd.

automatic label applicator automatic label applicator


The shipment labels are sticked to all pallets on a load with multiple final destinations; they are added to the pallets just before arrival in the buffer lanes via the Material FLow Control System, with data from the Warehouse Management System. Previously, this was done by our staff manually. You can imagine that we get a lot of profit in time, safety and efficiency here.



NewCold Number 8 in the Top 250 Scale-Ups

We are very proud to announce that NewCold is number 8 in the Top 250 Scale-Ups, directed by a Dutch research conglomerate. Yesterday evening NLGroeit  organized – together with the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship – their Annual Event with 7,000 participants during which the Top 10 has been announced.

Top 250 Scale-ups

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurs monitors in collaboration with Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) growing companies in the Netherlands. Every year, they present the results of our research in the ScaleUp Dashboard, which is made of different data sources, own research and already existing data bases. This results in a ranking of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands: The Top 250 Scale-ups.

Both startups and scale-ups are important innovators of the economy and a crucial part of the Dutch economy in terms of new business activities and job creation. Scale-ups have been suggested to be early adopters who are able to disrupt existing markets and industries by making current offerings obsolete. Read more.

Top 10


Number 1 is Takeaway, a fast growing food delivery company, which shows an enormous increase in delivery staff; our congratulations!

Our company showed a growth of 38%, which is 570 fulltime jobs in the period of end 2016 to end 2019. It’s an achievement which we will gladly share.

The insighst report can be found here.Insights Report Top 250

Shift Innovation promotes an innovative culture

One of NewCold’s core values is Innovation. That’s why we organize Innovation Sessions to feed our team with insights.

Recently  we had the pleasure to welcome Shift Innovation in our offices. Shift Innovation is a student company of students of Natural Sciences and Innovation Management of  University Utrecht. Thomas van de Voort and Joep Matser informed our team how to nurture innovation processes. They presented us some business cases of companies which did and did not succeed in supporting an innovative culture.  We thank them for the inspiring session with lots of food for thought.

From left to right: Thomas van de Voort and Joep Matser

Read the article in the Modern Materials Handling January issue

We are very pleased to share with you the article regarding NewCold’s new coldstore in Burley, ID, USA. The article has been written by Bob Trebilcock, Executive Director of Modern Materials Handling, based on an interview with Jonas Swarttouw, NewCold’s Business Development Manager USA.

The article will inform you on the role of automation and innovation in NewCold’s coldstorages. Have a nice read.

Click on the image!

Click on the image!


Modern Materials Handling January 2020 featuring NewCold Burley