NewCold and B-Built Break Ground for State-of-the-Art Automated Coldstore in Bretagne

NewCold and B-Built have broken ground for building NewCold’s Automated Coldstore, located in Montauban-de-Bretagne, near Rennes.

The coldstore will use state of the art technology including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to automatically move and store products in the ‘dark’ high-bay warehouse. The equipment and operators will be directed by advanced software systems, while products are kept in optimal conditions with all coldstore areas cooled down to temperatures as low as – 23°C.

This advanced cold chain solution ensures that processes are sustainable, traceable, fully integrated with the processes of NewCold’s customers, and always at the very forefront of technological developments. It offers a high and consistent logistic service level, and above all, offer a more sustainable and better food safety alternative to more conventional coldstore solutions.

The futuristic multi-customer coldstore enables food producers, including Froneri as anchor customer, to optimize their cold chain management, with increased agility and responsiveness to better serve the needs of their domestic and international end customers, 24/7.

An Artist Impression of the new NewCold coldstorage in Montauban-de-Bretagne, France

Bram Hage, Founding Executive Officer, of NewCold says, “With this ground-breaking, NewCold brings to Montauban-de-Bretagne, Rennes, the Brittany region, and France, 20 years of leadership in automated cold storage development and operations. Although our roots are in the Netherlands, our heart is with global food producers whereever NewCold can bring value. We could not be more pleased than to stand as partners beside B-Built and our sponsoring customer, Froneri.

NewCold highly values trusted partnerships and the partnerships created to realize this efficient, giant freezer are very special. Our sincere thanks to the City of Montauban-de-Bretagne for their critical support and guidance. They are easy to work with and clearly focused on economic growth through leading technologies and we are thrilled to be investing here.”

The logistics processes in the warehouse will be controlled by the cloud-based and SaaS warehouse management system CORAX from Davanti Warehousing. NewCold has chosen CORAX wms because of its scalability, logistical intelligence, friendly user interface and simple EDI options. CORAX grows with the operation of the customer, new users are easily trained and is based on the latest Microsoft technologies.

The state of the art freezer is a joint design effort and construction by NewCold and B-Built. The facility will be one of the largest in France with a storage capacity of over 700.000 m3 comparable to the volume of one million household refrigerators.

“B-Built is excited to partner with NewCold on this facility, their second in France,” says Martijn Baartmans, CEO of B-Built. “The unique method used to build this facility, and the technologies incorporated within the facility are the way of the future, and we’re pleased to team with them and their storage partners to make it a reality. Leading edge technologies used in addition to the automated pallet retrieval systems, are the monorail system, the low-oxygen environment eliminating the risk of fire from the inside entirely, and the total building design needing only half the energy consumed by conventional cold stores to keep the products optimally frozen.”

The permitting team at the City of Montauban-de-Bretagne, worked conscientiously to review permits and get the construction off to a smooth start. “From the very first meeting, this project was off to a great start with successful teamwork between company representatives, designers, project managers and our permitting folks.”

From left to right: Ivo van Woerkom (NewCold), Jean Marie Verdier (NewCold), Piet Meijs (NewCold), Serge Jalu (Maire de Montauban-de-Bretagne), Erwan Coadou (Froneri), Bernard Piedvach (Président de la Communauté de Communes), Patrick Duquennoy (NewCold), Hans Vergouwen (NewCold)

What is the significance of Automation and Technology for our operations?

In this interview you will find out how new technology and automation  have become crucial components to the success that has driven NewCold to the forefront of the logistics sector.

Watch the video with Abhy Maharaj, Global CCO and COO of NewCold.


NewCold Headquarters is looking for a Project Engineer

About the vacancy

To support our further worldwide growth, we are looking to recruit several Project Engineers to join our team. You will be positioned to form a reliable colleague for our internationally operating Technical Services Team. As Project Engineer you are responsible for the design and construction of the building and its installations, from the Business Development phase until final take over by our Operations Department. Based in the company’s headquarters in Breda, you will be part of a multifunctional team and exposed to many parts of our global business.

What will you do?

  • Lead the design of the building and its technical installations
  • Prepare the tender packages for the general contractor and other subcontractors
  • Monitor the engineering process based on quality and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Support the Project Manager with the permitting process
  • Provide feedback via lessons learned on our Standard Design

Who are we looking for?

  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • At least 4 years of relevant experience
  • Evidence of a strong background in Project Engineering
  • Willing to travel on a fairly regular basis
  • Comfortable working in a dynamic work environment
  • Highly proficient in English
  • Additional language skills (German and/or French) are beneficial
  • Experience with AutoCAD

Why would you want to work for NewCold?

With the prospect of many new construction projects all over the world in the very near future, NewCold offers the opportunity to join a young but powerful company in the field of logistic services. We have the ambition and the potential to rapidly become the market leader in the field of modern and automated cold storage with additional supply chain services such as transport and distribution. Although our proposition comprises an attractive benefits and compensation package, the (international) scope and impact of the position may appeal to you even more.

Are you up for the job?

If you are interested in this vacancy and would like to apply, please make sure that you leave your CV in English. Suitable candidates will be invited for a first interview with our Head of Engineering, a second interview will follow with a wider group of NewCold team members. Click here for the application page.

Can we welcome you on board as our new Project Engineer and help continue our successful growth?

NewCold: Accelerating Automation in the Supply Chain

The industry is changing — automation has become king. The influence of technology on how businesses operate shows no signs of slowing down and its now become paramount that companies are agile or risk getting left behind. In the case of NewCold, the latest industry trends have been embraced and instilled into four key pillars: innovation, trust, agility and automation. NewCold is recognised as a leader in the development and operation of highly automated cold stores. The firm has a global network with eight locations in three continents and is still growing.

Abhy Maharaj, Global Chief Commercial Officer & Chief Operating Officer, stresses just how vital technology has become to NewCold. “At the heart of NewCold is technology and we always operate with the customer in mind. What makes us different is the way in which we leverage technology to deliver solutions for our customers,” he explains. “Take Big Data for instance, when NewCold thinks about automation or about its customers and services — that starts with data. We understand the data, its value and how to build the logistical business around it. All of our sites are 80-90% automated and you won’t find anything else close to that all over the world.”

The long-term success of all businesses lies with the relationships that is developed with its customers. By operating with an agile approach, it allows NewCold to be lean and easily adapt its processes. “Engagement with our customers is key,” explains Maharaj. “We need to be constantly aware of the latest industry trends and the needs of our customers. For example, an increasing number of people are eating out of their homes, or using innovations like UberEats or DoorDash, so you need to consider the impact that this is having on our customer’s businesses.”

You can read more about NewCold’s journey in the magazine and on the website!




NewCold sponsors RoboHub Eindhoven

NewCold is a proud sponsor of RoboHub Eindhoven, a team of motivated students and professionals that are working together to discover new solutions for robotic systems. Started as a Fontys centre of expertise project, RoboHub challenges itself to find creative ways to bring robotics to the next step. RoboHub wants to share its knowledge with other motivated people, therefore they work with companies that want to support them and their technology.This July 2019, they competed in the [email protected] league as part of the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney, Australia. Be sure to check out RoboHub Eindhoven’s LinkedIn page to stay up-to-date on their achievements!

Competing in an international robotics challenge

The RoboCup is an international organisation working to promote robotics and AI research, by offering a publicly appealing, but formidable challenge. [email protected], in which the RoboHub Eindhoven team will be participating, is the newest league of the competition and targets the use of robots in the logistics and industrial sectors.

Their newest robot, Sui2 (or Suii) is an autonomous driving machine with an industrial collaborative robot arm on top. It can navigate an unknown, dynamic environment using laser scanners, a robotic arm with a 3D camera system and Deep Learning algorithm YOLO for object recognition.

NewCold and Robotics

NewCold uses robotics in its state-of-the-art cold storages. The cold storages are characterized by a very high degree of automation with, for example, intelligent stacker cranes which take care of in- and outbound pallet storage in the highbay warehouses. Another example is the automatic destacking robot which destacks the fully loaded pallets after arrival in the Automatic Truck Unloading System at the docks. NewCold is happy to support students who are eager to learn and who like to investigate where the limits of robot applicability lie in today’s business.