Jonas Swarttouw Panelist in Select USA Investment Summit | 8 June, 2021

Jonas Swarttouw

Jonas Swarttouw

On 8 June Jonas Swarttouw, VP Customer & Business Development – North America, will be a panelist in the webinar ‘Supply Chain Resilience in America’ being part of the Select USA Investment Summit, organized from 7 – 11 June 2021.

This webinar will provide recommendations and utilize current day examples of supply chains adapting. The discussion will feature representatives of international companies that have successfully adapted their supply chains due to the ever-changing economic landscape.

Interested to participate? Please register via the website of SelectUSA.

Construction On Track of NewCold Piacenza

In response to continued demand from NewCold’s customers, we have started the construction of a new deepfreeze facility near Piacenza, situated in the north of Italy. The site expects to see the first pallets arriving in Q2 2022. “This is a prime example of one of our business rules”, Bram Hage says, “we follow our customers!”.

Our entrance in the Italian market has started with the acquisition of Pacaro in Borgorose, 75 km north east of Rome, now being a part of the NewCold Group. The Pacaro site has 25,000 Euro-pallet locations and the operation includes an automated cold store.

The Piacenza operation will be the first newly built site in Italy for NewCold. There are already advanced plans for a second site near Rome. The geographical shape of Italy makes it necessary to serve our customers from two locations.

The site in Piacenza is of a typical NewCold standard design and will store up to 73,200 Euro-pallets handled by 8 automatic stacker cranes. It is NewCold’s firm believe that automated cold storage is the only way forward to deal with the challenges of a modern supply chain. Next to the cold store, a solar energy park will be developed to supply up to 80% of our future energy needs. Our company believes that the efficient usage of natural resources together with healthy local community and employee relations are the key elements leading to outstanding financial results and business prosperity.

We are looking for talented professionals for this new coldstore? Read more on our Careers page.