NewCold | Our Cold Storage Company

NewCold is a cold storage company and provides leading food companies with the most compelling logistic cold chain experience possible.

Cold Storage Company

NewCold is a cold storage company and a leader in developing and operating highly automated cold stores. We are the fastest growing specialist in automated cold storage, with world-class and energy efficient systems, making it stand out from conventional cold storage companies.

NewCold has a global network with 11 locations on three continents. In total NewCold offers over 927,000 pallet positions. We work with a global team of around 900 employees.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide leading food companies with the most compelling logistic cold chain experience possible.

Our Vision

We envisage the future of temperature controlled warehousing & logistics worldwide to be shaped around Innovation, Trust, Agility and Automation.

Our 4 main pillars


Saving on cold storage costs is knowing how to keep things cold while being as efficient as possible.


Being trustworthy and having long term relationships with all our stakeholders is key.


Being agile is a must in today’s challenging world. NewCold strives for optimal.


We believe that automation is the only way forward to deal with the challenges of a modern supply chain.

Business Principals


NewCold has the most experienced and successful cold storage automation team in the industry with 20+ successful automation projects.

In-house Expertise

NewCold has market leading, in-house expertise in designing, engineering, developing and operating state-of-the-art automated cold stores: a result of successful development and operation of over 20 automated warehouses in the last 18 years.


NewCold implementation disciplines include training, maintenance, operations support and planning; on-site involvement begins well in time before the warehouse goes cold.

Strong Partnership

  • Long term relationships

    NewCold’s business model is based on long term relationships with leading food producers around the globe.

  • Investment partner

    NewCold’s main shareholder is Westport Capital Partners LLC, a large successful American private equity firm.

  • Continuity

    NewCold has the ability to finance new projects and support long term uninterrupted services.

  • Key suppliers

    NewCold has excellent relationships with key suppliers to the cold storage industry.

  • Financials

    NewCold uses strict financial covenants and capitalization guidelines.

  • Superior long-term performance

    NewCold’s team has a superior long-term performance record; market place examples operating continuously 15+ years.

  • International

    NewCold has 7 cold stores operational on 3 continents and 1 cold store under construction.

  • New projects

    NewCold has exciting new projects commencing in Europe, Australia and USA.

Customer Service

  • Customer service levels

    NewCold has proven high customer service levels.

  • Operational service agreements

    NewCold offers competitive Operational Services Agreements; we like clear agreements and deliver what we promise.

  • KPI’s

    NewCold uses clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

  • No hidden costs

    There are no hidden costs, working with NewCold.

  • Sustainable solutions

    NewCold cares for the environment; striving for minimal impact.

  • Consolidation through our network

    NewCold offers consolidation using our cold storage network.

  • Door-to-door integration

    NewCold can offer door to door services using tailor made transport and distribution solutions either with our own fleet of trucks and trailers or by setting up partnerships.

  • Reporting at request

    NewCold offers reporting at your request; any report with analysis is possible.