Food Safety In Warehouse

Food safety in the warehouse is important. NewCold strives to be crucial in the cold chain of leading food companies, by offering advanced logistic services worldwide. We use latest technology that empowers our people, to handle food responsibly and guarantee food safety in a sustainable way.

Risk Reduction

NewCold uses all means to reduce risks in food storage. Food safety in warehouse is our priority number one. We are convinced that less human intervention in the handling of the goods is favorable for food safety. Our high-end technique and skilled operators take care of a healthy environment for cold storage.

Below you can find more information on the high-valued temperature integrity that we offer. All sites maintain product integrity door to door. Our docks are frozen eliminating temperature fluctuations for your product. In our facilities time on the dock is never a concern for your product. By not having warm docks we eliminate the concern of your product temperature rising during the inbound or outbound processes. Next to this you find information on the Oxygen Reduction System and our high-end Warehouse Management Software.

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NewCold sites are operated at the required temperatures from door to door. Not just the warehouse where the pallets are stored has the optimum temperature for the produce, but all areas in the facility are at the same prime conditions. From the moment a pallet enters the warehouse until it is loaded again to be shipped to a customer, it is in handled at the right temperature. No cold chain breaches occur as products are never stored in chilled or ambient environment.

At all facilities NewCold has modern systems in place to prevent damage because of a fire. The highly automated cold stores are fully unmanned and can therefore be equipped with Oxygen Reduction Systems. With this preventive technology the oxygen level in the room is reduced to a level where no fire can start. From a product safety point this principle is far more favorable than firefighting systems like sprinkler or fire compartments.

NewCold’s proprietary warehouse management system by Davanti makes it possible to comprehensively track and trace inventories, by directing all flows (automated and manual) in the warehouse with optimal speed, efficiency and reliability. This complete trackability and traceability provides customers with a significant reduction in ‘shrinkage’ from lost and/or outdating of product.

Although automation is not a goal by itself, many, mainly repetitive processes, are automated to minimize the human intervention. This eliminates an important source of product damage, results in a more reliable and predictable operation which again is positive for food safety.