How we work

NewCold offers supply chain solutions for food producers and retail companies dealing with chilled and / or frozen food. Our business model is different from most of our colleagues; we look for customers first, investigate their logistical requirements and look for opportunities to match these with our model, that is based on large scale warehouse operations with the objective to create consolidation opportunities and savings because of economy of scale. Once the business case works, we invest in state of the art facilities to enable us to deliver high class services.

Address Customer Needs

From the first cup of coffee to get to know each other until the delivery of the first pallet to your customer, NewCold is in charge of the full process. We believe in automation as it provides sustainable, innovative options to address our customer’s needs. The elements that drive the design of a new facility are various and require a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs. For existing operations, it is important to enhance and optimize the customer mix and continuously improve.

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  • Pre-planning and customer interview

    We ask our customers all relevant critical questions to identify their goals and use those to create a basis of design listing all requirements including growth potential and future flexibility. With help of the inhouse engineering department, an initial design is developed mapping the through-put, storage and VAL requirements. An investment budget is then calculated and the operational costs are assessed, giving input to the business case resulting in a proposal to the customer.

  • Planning the construction

    Once the business case has been internally approved and an agreement has been reached with one or more anchor customers, the project development is started. Although NewCold is a logistics service provider, we develop the facilities we operate inhouse with our own team of engineers, software specialists and project managers. We work very closely with subcontractors and oversee every aspect of the construction, the implementation of the material handling equipment and the software.

  • Implementing the automated cold store

    To ensure a smooth start-up of the operations it is important to hire staff in time, have standard operating procedures in place and provide proper training. Future key users are often employed in other NewCold sites to familiarize themselves with the way of working and the software systems. A dedicated crew of experienced NewCold operators and engineers manages the transition phase between project development and daily operation, giving on-site support during the first critical months of operation.

  • Operating the facility

    With the help of a high level of automation for all the repetitive processes, running the site becomes an exciting daily operation where our people are encouraged and empowered to handle food responsibly to guarantee food safety in a sustainable way.