Our People

Although we believe in automation, our people are our greatest strength and our most valuable asset. NewCold is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who share a passion for achieving the very best in everything they do. In addition, they are skilled problem solvers that believe challenges can be opportunities.


Everything we do is guided by one set of principles mentioned below, which define our character and culture; they have been at the core of NewCold since its inception. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct; they are a fundamental strength of our business.

We focus on the ever changing requirements of our external and internal customers. In other words, it’s our company-wide philosophy that the customer’s wants and needs are the first priority of all employees, individually and as a team.

Taking ownership at work by taking initiative and doing the right things for the business. It’s about taking responsibility for results and not assuming it’s someone else’s responsibility.

It’s the enthusiasm and desire to meet and exceed objectives, targets and improve one’s own or team’s performance. It is about being unsatisfied with the status quo, wanting to improve the way we do things and making it happen.

Imagine what is possible. Foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress.

We plan, design, build, own, and operate the cold storage facilities with our own people and our own proprietary warehouse management system, CORAX. NewCold has experienced employees who work for the company for many years. They have seen many cold stores, have accomplished many successful projects and always look forward to new challenges. Since we want to find the best solution for our customers’ needs, they look forward to every new challenge. For each phase in our services range, we have our own high qualified teams.


“The atmosphere at NewCold Burley is what makes me enjoy my job. It really feels like a team effort. Safety is a priority for me in my job. When I am driving a forklift, I am always aware of my surroundings and I look out for people.”

Mark AndersonMSE - Burley

“I enjoy working in NewCold , it broadens my horizons in the field of logistics, which is my profession and my true love. Thanks to Newcold I have an unique opportunity to collaborate with the best logistics operators, using high technology and most modern automation. I also have a chance to work with professionals of huge logistic experience. Due to that each day give me a chance to learn new things and expand my own experience. Newcold team is young, full of people who are sharing passion for logistics which makes atmosphere at work comfortable and one of its kind.”

Łukasz TwardowskiTransport Specialist - Kutno

“Complete robotization and demand of full operational availability of the warehouse 24/7, supervision of advanced security systems and critical parameters of operating installations, makes working in NewCold in the Maintenance and Infrastructure Department is very demanding and challenging. You need to be well organized, anticipate possible threats and be ready at the time to be able to respond quickly to them, at the same time combining work with people and machines – at work there are never two identical days. Contact with high-tech technology, decision-making and independence in management, leadershiping of a great technical team and modern machinery park, taking care of the efficiency of their use have always fascinated me and motivated me to act. Working at NewCold gives me all this, which is why I like this job.”

Damian Kowalonek Head of Maintenance - Kutno

“I am working at Newcold for the last two years. I like working as a customer service assistant because I need and enjoy interaction with other people. Whether it be via telephone, in person or via email, being a customer service representative gives me the power to help people first-hand and have invaluable direct contact with them. Although difficult at times, there’s no greater feeling than when I manage to help someone, have the best possible results and maximize our customer experience while also excelling for  company.”

Izabela WisniewskaCustomer service - Kutno

“Newcold is my first worldwide company that I’m working for. When I’ve started my adventure with Newcold I was full of expectations of working in a young and dedicated team, increasing experience in logistics, to cooperate with experienced specialists from whom I can learn and have an open road to promotion. I’m satisfied as I’ve found all of that in Newcold. I’m Operation Planning Manager with great team of dedicated and motivated planners and fork lift drivers. All of us are focused of achieving one goal which is Newcold development by putting maximum effort to what we do and how we do it.”

Hubert ModrakOperations planning manager - Kutno

“I really enjoy working in Newcold as it is a great place to broaden my experience, learn new things and face new challenges. My colleagues are helpful and open so I can feel like a member of a big Newcold family.”

Magdalena RombowskaOffice manager - Kutno

“What I really like of working at Newcold is fact that my day at work never looks the same. Every day brings me some new task and challenges and I can upgrade myself finding new solutions to make things better- whether we’re talking about development, recrouiting talents, looking at new HR tools making HR processes more efficient. It is an area when the company is always looking at raising the bar and taking people or processes to the next level and this is what I really appreciate.”

Justyna PolitowiczHR specialist - Kutno

“I absolutely love working for NewCold. Not only do I work with amazing colleagues all over the world, but I get to be a part of something remarkable. I come in everyday ready to make a difference whether it be streamlining a process or finding new candidates to bring onto the team, NewCold is always open to positive change and I couldn’t ask for a better place work. “

Jennifer HatcherFinance & HR Manager - Tacoma

“I truly love coming to work every day. Our team here in Tacoma is like family. We look out for each other and keep each other safe. I am given new challenges constantly and never quit striving to improve on what we have developed so far. I am lovingly referred to by everyone at the site Mom and when I must correct an unsafe behavior choice they jokingly say, “You were just Mommed”. I think we at NewCold US will go far!”

Sandy Burns QESH Manager - Tacoma

“I’ve been working at Newcold three years at picking department. From the beginning of this season I am promoted on shift leader position. I am glad that I have the opportunity to work among committed and young people. Our team is very integrated and we like working with each other, which helps us to be as effective as possible in our daily work. We also moved our picking team to the football field and we took part in local football matches under the patronage of Newcold.”

Mateusz KaczmarekShift leader picking - Kutno

“What I truly appreciate about working at Newcold is trust that I receive from my team, at the same time great effort put in to every challenge. I am glad to contribute to creating such a modern enterprise as Newcold is.”

Krzysztof RogozińskiMixing Operational Manager - Kutno

“I’ve started my adventure with Newcold as a repacker. My hard work and commitment was noticed and rewarded, I was promoted. Now I’m a leader at repacking with 40 subordinates. I’m really glad that Newcold concentrates on young, hardworking and ambitious people, collaborating in such group always create the best ideas and solutions.”

Bogumiła KowalczykShift leader re-packing - Kutno

“For me logistics is inseparable part of our existence, you can find it in every aspect of everyday life, at home, in the garden, being a father and husband. Logistics is my passion and that’s the reason why I’m in Newcold, Advanced Cold Logistics.”

Łukasz PopławskiTransport Specialist - Kutno

“My work is so diverse that no single day is the same. My scope is the internal and external communication of NewCold and Davanti. In addition, I try to present our company as well as possible to all stakeholders we have. My employer encourages innovation and that means that we can always innovate in our resources that we use for marketing and communication. Next to this, I really like the daily contact I have with a lot of colleagues on three continents.”

Trix van VeenCommunications Officer

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