Argentan, France

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Zone Industrielle de la Pucelle
Route de Putanges
61200 Argentan, France
+33 667 113 766

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Country Manager: Patrick Duquennoy

Operational Manager: Philippe Descatoire

Transport Leray – NewCold
ZA de la Forêt
44140 Le Bignon

Operational Manager: Xavier Argence
[email protected]
+33240261841 | +33760869045

Commercial Activities: Véronique Lhuillier
ZAC de la Croix Saint Nicolas
54840 Gondreville
+33383653700 | +336.

NewCold Argentan
NewCold France


  • Fully Automated

    A fully automated 31 meter high cold storage. Footprint of the coldstore is 116 x 54 meter.

  • FEFO Handling

    FEFO handling with a capacity of > 4,500 pallets per day in and out together.

  • Shipment Buffer

    27 pallets shipment buffer zone so minimal waiting time for trucks before loading.

  • Picking Floor

    1,200 pallet locations for picking on a special picking floor with fully automated replenishment and mixed pallet discharge.

  • Container Loading / Unloading

    Equipped for container loading and unloading.

  • Certifications

    IFS Logistics (Version 2.1 Evaluation of 98,19%)

  • VAL

    Providing Value Added Logistics

Facts and Figures


Storage capacity in euro pallets
Capable of handling UK industrial block pallets


Automated Stacker Cranes


Unloading and loading docks including 2 for Automatic Truck Unloading

Close to Exit 13 of the A88

Opening Hours: 24/7