Borgorose (RI), Italy

Visiting Address
Nucleo Industriale
02021 Borgorose (RI)

Country Manager: Roberto Alessio

Operational Manager Italy: Luca Quaresima

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  • Fully Automated High Cold Storage

    A fully automated 13 meter high cold storage. Footprint is of the cold store is 103 meter x 46 meter.

  • FEFO Handling

    FEFO handling with a capacity of >600 pallets per day in and out together.

  • Shipment Buffer

    Shipment buffer zone so minimal waiting time for trucks before loading.

  • Container Loading / Unloading

    Equipped for container loading and unloading.

  • Certifications
    • IFS Logistics
    • BRC Storage and Distribution
    • Bio/Organic

Facts and Figures


Industrial Block Pallets (800 x 1200)

2 elevators 10 autosat movers and 1 shuttle


Loading and unloading docks

Rome (90 km)

5 days per week for 1 shift (8 am – 5 pm)