Burley, ID, USA

Contact Information

22 North Starrhs Ferry Place
Burley, Idaho 83318
United States of America
+1 208-261-2942


  • Take the 30 Highway
  • Turn to the N 300 W
  • Take the second road on the left and follow the road to our premises
routing Burley, ID

Managing Director:
Jonas Swarttouw
Business Development Manager:
Robert Conrad
Site Manager:
Derek Bedke


  • Fully Automated

    A fully automated 140 feet high cold storage | Footprint of storage area 515 x 300 ft

  • FEFO Handling

    FEFO handling | 7 stacker cranes with a capacity of > 3,500 pallets daily thoughput capacity

  • Shipment Buffer

    Shipment buffer zone so minimal waiting time for trucks before loading

  • Picking Floor

    Special picking floor with fully automated replenishment and mixed pallet discharge

  • Rail Car Loading

    Equipped with rail track onsite

  • Certifications
    • BRC Storage and Distribution

Facts and Figures


Storage capacity in US block pallets


Automated Stacker Cranes


Semi Truck Loading/Unloading Docks


Rail Car Loading/Unloading Docks

Close to Interstate 84

Opening Hours: 24/7