Rheine, Germany

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Offenbergweg 11
48432 Rheine, Deutschland
+49 5971 97 000

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Managing Director: Frank Huckschlag
General Enquiries: Melanie Lippert
Business Development: Adnan Bektic

NewCold Rheine


  • Fully Automated & Conventional Storage Areas

    The site includes a fully automated 37 meter high cold store with a footprint of 129 x 66 meters and a capacity of 68,000 euro pallets and 3 more conventional cold stores with a total capacity of 20,000 euro pallets.

  • In- & Outbound

    Handling based on FEFO/FIFO/batches with a capacity of 7,500 to 8,000 pallets of frozen goods and 400 pallets of chilled products per day.

  • Shipment Buffer

    700 pallet locations for shipment buffer zone so minimal waiting time for trucks before loading.

  • Pick Floor

    Pick floor with 450 pallet locations with fully automated replenishment and mixed pallet discharge

  • Certifications
    • BRC Storage and Distribution
    • QS Registrated
    • EU-Bio/Organic
  • Special Services
    • Semi automatic mixing area (+5°C) with a capacity of up to 8.000.000 units per year
    • Packaging of chilled meat products (DE NW 90888 EG)
    • 3 Blastfreezers with a total capacity of 120 tons per day

Facts and Figures


Total storage capacity in euro pallets
Capable of handling almost every pallet size


Automated Stacker Cranes


Unloading and loading docks including 2 for Automatic Truck Unloading

Close to Exit 7 (Rheine Nord) of the E30/A30 with direct connection to A1 and A33

Opening Hours: 24/7