Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainable developments suit the needs of the present, without putting a big burden on the future. NewCold wants to reduce the impact its operations have on the environment by optimizing the cold supply chain and implement innovating concepts. This benefits our partners and the environment worldwide.


NewCold facilities are tall and make use of a storage technology with a high stock density. For the same number of storage positions, the footprint and the total surface are much smaller. The stacker cranes in the cold store run in the dark and there is only LED lighting for maintenance purposes. Material handling systems to move the pallets only run when necessary and ensure minimal door openings for pallets entering and leaving the cold store. By collecting data about power consumption, indoor and outdoor temperatures and other factors – such as open doors –  by IoT equipment, NewCold optimizes its power consumption continuously.

The result is a responsible use of energy which de facto is 50% less per pallet position compared with traditional cold storage facilities.


NewCold wants to be in the forefront of innovation. That’s where we see chances for food safety optimization and sustainability. At every stage of our process we look for the best usable innovative solutions.

Although automation is not a goal by itself, many, mainly repetitive processes, are automated to minimize the human intervention. This eliminates an important source of product damage, results in a more reliable and predictable operation and also ensures a sustainable cost over time.

NewCold’s proprietary warehouse management system CORAX, by Davanti Warehousing, makes it possible to comprehensively track and trace inventories, by directing all flows (automated and manual) in the warehouse with optimal speed, efficiency and reliability. This complete trackability and traceability provides customers with a significant reduction in ‘shrinkage’ from lost and/or outdating of product.