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NewCold Rheine Automates Labelling Process

NewCold likes automation; not just for the sake of it. With automation processes we can guarantee a higher level of food safety; that’s our main goal.

In our coldstorage in Rheine we just implemented two Automatic Label Applicators (ALA) with great success. The challenge was to find a suitable printer which can operate in a frozen environment, has a small footprint and is low in maintenance. We also wanted to be able to exchange the labels quickly so we can minimize downtime. We found the suitable one at Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd.

automatic label applicator automatic label applicator


The shipment labels are sticked to all pallets on a load with multiple final destinations; they are added to the pallets just before arrival in the buffer lanes via the Material FLow Control System, with data from the Warehouse Management System. Previously, this was done by our staff manually. You can imagine that we get a lot of profit in time, safety and efficiency here.